I was born in the month of Scorpio in the year of Equus, 1966, in a room measuring 14 square meters, with six shelves, two cupboards and a pantry, in Gaz town, 16 Kilometers outside Isfahan.

I finished primary education in Forugh School and Hakim Sanai School located in Chaharbagh Street in Isfahan. My teachers included prominent instructors such as the late Jamshidi, Soleimani, and Naser Yektaiyan.

As a youth in secondary school, I was witness to a great event in the Iranian history, the Islamic Revelation. Like many others at the time, I was impressed by the movement; and so, guided by a venerable sage of the history, I started reading the collection of books by Dr. Ali Shariati, God rest his soul. Even now, after the passage of many years I still savor the memory of reading the book “Father, mother, we are accused”.

I studied experimental sciences for my secondary education at Hakim Sanai and Adab high schools in Isfahan. However, I spent more time on studying religious thoughts, especially the works of Dr. Shariati and Master Morteza Motahhari.

After the martyrdom of my cousin in the Iraqi imposed war, I set out for the battle fronts and joined the infantry. I passed a 4-month medical aid training period at the Martyr Fayyazbakhsh Hospital in Tehran, and spent the next 24 months helping the wounded and the victims of the chemical weapons in different fronts.

My university education focused on Islamic Theology and Political Sciences at Imam Sadegh University, with renowned professors such as ِDr. Soroush, Dr. Bavand, Dr. Ghavam, Dr. Almasi, Dr. Kordovani, Dr. Sariolghalam, Dr. Seifzadeh, Dr. Halabi, the late Dr. Meshkat, Ayatollah Mostafavi, Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani and the late Ayatollah Ghaffari.

I am especially interested in research books focusing on theological themes, and I spend my leisure time watching films and listening to Arabic music.

I got married in 1991 and I now live with my wife and two children (Seyedeh Farmehr Hashemi and Seyed Massih Hashemi) in Tehran.