Organization and Documentation of Imam Ali Museum of Religious Arts

A museum has been defined as a center for preserving, displaying and introducing man's cultural heritage of the past. But nowadays other functions, such as discovering new talents and attracting viewers, have been added to that definition.

Serious experience in the management of museums run by Tehran Municipality's Cultural-Art Organization started in the spring of 2006 with the preparation and ratification of the charters for the Museum of City Photo Studio and Imam Ali Museum of Religious Arts.
Since then a great deal of work has been done to produce images of past cultural works with modern photography techniques and create digital records and documents on the cultural heritage.

Standardizing the process of displaying the presenting written documents of the works were among the measures that were undertaken after the preparation of digital documents on the works housed at the Museum of City photo Shop and Imam Ali Museum of Religious Arts.
Improving the exhibition space at Medical Museum of Dr. Sanduzi and creating photo images of the museum's contents, as well as creating digital records of the contents and planning for the Drawing Festival were among the measure undertaken with the objective of standardizing the museum's programs.

Inaugurating home museums for Dr.Shariati in the winter of 2006 and Master Motahhari in the spring of 2007 were among the measures that have been envisaged with the objective of valuing the works of pioneers of modern religious ideas and passing down to the young generation the achievement of great thinker of the past.
A number of architectural models of the past historical monuments are being preserved at Khavaran Cultural Center.

After restoration of the models, surveys were conducted with the objective of locating site for erecting the models and this resulted in the establishment of the Garden Museum of Iranian Arts in the spring of 2007.
The attached tables, presenting information on museums run by the Cultural-Art organization in terms of exhibition space, number of works and publications, offer an overall picture of the organization's programs.